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  • Do you have any Item/Product/Goods/Service/Job whatsoever you wish to sell, or you wish for the public to see, be it fairly used or brand new item(s)?
  • Do you have any unique Talents/Skills you wish to showcase to the world?
If your answer is YES then take the following steps below:
  1. Snap the Item/Product/Goods with a clear camera photo, iPhone, smartphones, digital cameras etc.
  2. Then visit website.
  3. On top of the webpage, click on the Register button,you will be directed to a page where you will be required to enter your name,email and password to sign up For Free. You can also sign up with your Facebook Or Google accounts.
  4. After registration, then you log into your account.
  5. Then click on Post an Ad, OR  on a button on the right side with caption “Sell” .
  6. You will be directed to a page where you be required to provide all necessary information that best describes the Item/Product/Goods/Service/Job you wish to sell or showcase.
You will be asked to provide these information below;
Step 1
Ad Information
    • Title of Ad
 Here you are expected to enter your sales caption. E.g.  Quality furniture for sale.
    • Category
 From the drop down box you are expected to select from the categories menu, the best categories that suites your item.
Step 2
Ad Details
    • Item Price
Here you are expected to enter the price of the Item/Product/Goods/Service you are selling, then you indicate if it is fixed or negotiable.
    • Upload Pictures
Here you are expected to upload all the images of the  Item /Product/Goods/Service you wish to sell.
    • Description
On the description box you are expected to describe the item you intend to sell or advertise clearly with simply English language. No Vernacular.
    • Tags
You may add caption tags to your Ad to enable easier identification. It’s not compulsory.
    • Type Of Ad
Here you are required to indicate if the type of Ad you intend to post is Personal, or Professional.
    • Item Condition and Warranty
You will be expected to indicate the items’ condition and whether you will be selling with warranty.
Step 3
User Information
    • Sellers Name
As regards that you are duly registered your name will automatically appear in this section.
    • Contact Phone Number
As regards that you are duly registered your contact number will automatically appear in this section.
    • Country
Enter your country.
    • Address
Type in the location of the Item /Product/Goods/Service in which customers can find you.
Then Click On Submit
Our admin will verify your post and approve it. A verification and activation link or code to your email address or phone number.
  1. Activate your verification link/code on your email or phone.
  2. In less than 5mins you will see your Ad go live on our platform.
Businesses And Services.
 Is your business not moving fine? Or do you feel your business is not located “On A Good Site” therefore making it difficult for customers to find you???
If your answer is YES, don’t worry the solution to your problems is here, will give you an unimaginable online presence that will amaze you, we will get thousands of customers calling your phone to supply or deliver your items to them, on a regular basis.
Just follow the same steps above, but this time its your business and services you provide that you will need to snap and showcase.
We advice all Businesses and Service providers to opt for our premium packages in order to sell faster and gain massive customer base.
  • This time your customers Must locate you.
  •  With those items must be sold….Instantly! …100% guaranteed.
  •  With the WORLD will know your business.
How we do it?
Our job is to constantly promote our platform, thereby showcasing “All Items/Products/Goods/Services/Jobs” on our website for people around Imo state,Nigeria as a whole and the Entire world to see.
  • We promote your Ads online via all major social media platforms including Facebook,Twitter,Google,Instagram,YouTube,Nairaland,and many more.
  • We promote your Ads locally,using all traditional advert methods available.
  • We promote your Ads by adopting the door to door marketing strategy.
  • We have acquired the services of highly experienced sales personnel that work round the clock to guarantee instant sales of all kinds of Items/Products/Goods/Services stress free and without hassle.
  • We connect sellers to buyers.
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