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Finally We Are Here…….The Story.

Finally We Are Here…….The Story.

Hmmmm…… Finally…..We Are Ready!!!….
In my retreat I built an Industry……The Next Biggest Thing In The East…
…The Largest Online Market Place In The Eastern Heartland…..
Proudly powered by parent company Sureways Inland Logistics Nig Ltd (
This idea was created in my head exactly 21 months ago,and for 6 months out of them i had been building castles in the air,until one day i decided to register a domain name,and luckily has not been taking online.Fortunately at that time i had no job,i had just left a little games shop business in the east for my wife to carter for the kids,and left for Lagos in search for greener pastures.
I went to Lagos with an initial intention to do a ten months program in International Trade Logistics/Transportation,with a belief that a “Perfect Job” would be waiting for me after that but,you know “This is life”,”Nothing good comes easy”.
After several months of incessant search for this job to no avail,Lagos started taking a toll in my mentality,the way i reasoned,i started becoming overly creative,environment and information started giving me ideas,every other day it was one new idea or another.I started attending seminars,conferences,workshops,etc,on entrepreneurship.I really needed to start anything small on my own in order to meet up.One day i visited a friend and we were discussing about lack of jobs and stuff,then an idea came to me to start a small home relocation business,in other to build on my career as a trained logistics specialist.That was the birth of Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd.
In order for Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd to sell and have things to do i decided to build online platforms that will keep my company running and making massive profit;that was when the idea came to existence.
It took me more than a year of serious hard work which was marred with continuous hardship, setbacks, pain, unforeseen circumstances, dupe from quack web designers, disappointments, embarrassments, unnecessary delays, the very heavy load of having to tackle my imminent family responsibilities without a job, etc to design this platform, it got to a point I had to beg for almost everything, the little business I started my life with couldn’t meet up any longer, to make up to #3,000 in a day became a really big deal, I had to beg(yes I said it) to pay for rents, EEDC Bills, school fees, etc.
At a time the pressure from family members became unbearable, everybody wanted me to “Go get a job already”…..But what they didn’t realize is that even to get this “good job” in 2017,with all these economic hardship wasn’t a walk in the park.
I sent a thousand CVs to various companies, went for numerous interviews,all to no avail, then it dawned on me that
“Yes,I am born for something greater”.
In all those hardships and expectations,I was able to endure and surpass it all, “I NEVER GAVE UP” ,”I BELIEVED”  and stuck to my dreams to be “One Of The Biggest Names In The State”. I followed my passion for entrepreneurship…And with the help of my parents, brothers and a few of my really good friends, I was able to overcome…
We created
* A platform that is wonderful.
* A platform that is unique.
* A platform that solves problems.
* A platform that completely eliminates stress in the business system in the east.
* A platform that is 1st of its kind, with an intention of taking the entire market system in the east online.
* A platform that will completely solve the problem of business and services not located on site.
* A platform that will assist buyers and sellers have a fast and easier business transaction.
* A platform that will connect sellers to their customers especially after the demolition of major market in the capital.
* A platform that will create jobs for the unemployed.
*A platform will connect unemployed youth to their dream jobs.
* A platform that showcases our local talents, skills, products and services, cultural heritage, etc, for the world to    see.
* A platform that YOU will DEFINITELY love.
  • This is the beginning of The Next Big Thing.
  • This is the beginning of The Future for the next generation.
  • This is the beginning of Greatness.
Register with us today to start selling,
It Is Totally Free…..
* We bring you…O Town to the world.
* We bring you Imo State to the world.
Find thousands of items(Brand new and fairly used),raw talents, future prospects, property, products, expatriates, businesses, services, intellectuals, books, kiddies items, fashion and accessories, beauty products, nanny and house help services, everything that is not prohibited by law.
At very affordable prizes.
– Please come and support us.
– Come and patronize us.
– Come help save our dwindling economy.
– Come and help us build Imo State to be a better place, the home of our dreams.
Partners and Sponsors wanted!!!
Thank you
God bless 
God bless #SurewaysInlandLogisticsNigLtd
God bless #ImoState
God bless #Nigeria
Nwachukwu Ike J(BSc,BTech,CITLS,mACSC)
Sureways Inland Logistics Nig Ltd
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