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Billing Policy

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  1. To use, you will only be required to pay for some services such as “Top Ads”,Sponsored Ads”,”Banner Adverts”,”Sell 4 Me”,”Onye Ahia”.
  2. In order for Users to promote their Ads for the major purpose of getting many customers and increasing their sales. Users can use fee/commission-based services provided by admin for this special purpose. admin will not be responsible for the expectations and the results of the use of fee/commission -based services. Our team offers Top Ad packages, Adverts, Sell 4 Me, and other promo packages for promoting Users’ Ads. Top-ads are placed in a special significant spot, over other ordinary Ads so viewing customers can view them faster. There sales are normally 5x faster than the ordinary Ads.
  3. admin reserves full rights to occasionally alternate service costs and all types of fee/commission -based services. The Admin team is entitled to notify users of any such alternations when required.
  4. Once any service ordered by a User expires, the User is expected to renew for that service by paying for the service again.
  5. The User shall be fully informed with prices for all fee/commission-based services that we offer, whereupon he/she may order such services.
  6. admin may charge a fee for Top Ads, Advertisements, Promo Packages, and Commission Based Services, etc. This certain fee facilitates admin to promote Users’ Ads/items/products/business and services in a designated area of the website, in total compliance with our Terms of use. All fees paid here are non-refundable in the event any content is removed from the website for violating these Terms, as well as when the User deactivates the Ads by himself.
  7. Methods of payment
             * The User can pay for our fee/commission-based services by means of money transfer to the official bank account of our parent company Sureways Inland Logistics Nigeria Ltd.
             * The User can also pay for our fee/commission-based services means of a bank card(Mastercard,Verve, GTPay etc). When a User selects a specific fee/commission -based service he/she will be redirected to the page for entering his/her bank card details.
             * The User can also pay for our fee/commission-based services means by paying locally with a teller in any   GTBank branch around you with the account details below.
             * For GTBank customers the fastest way you can pay is via *737#. Just type *737# and follow the instructions, while doing this you will need to have a functional ATM Card, or you must have activated your *737# pin.
NOTICE: We are currently working on our Company account,so all payments can ONLY be sent to the account details below.
Account Details;
Bank Name; Guarantee Trust Bank
Account Name; Nwachukwu Ike J
Account Number; 0011712980
N/B;  Nwachukwu Ike J(CITLS,mACSC) is the MD/CEO Sureways Inland Logistic Nig Ltd RC1469597, proudly owners of and thereby for the meantime, accepts and conduct all financial transactions made for All the services offers.
             8. admin reserves a right to effect discounts/promotions on fee/commission-based services    occasionally.
Ads: Simply means advertisements.
Admin: Administration.
Sell 4 Me:  A service offered by to assist Users sell off their items faster for just a little commission.
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