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From The CEO’s Desk


Good Morning My Fellow Imolites…
I will start by saying a little prayer for everyone that is reading this message.
“Our Lord in heaven,we beckon on you to bless every single person that has visited or subscribed to this platform, shower them with the river of abundance. They will NEVER lack, amidst all this hardships and pain, they will continue to sower high and excel, in their various businesses, jobs, handwork, etc…Let the shower of your mercy remain with them now and forever…..AMEN!!!!”
Yes….It is well with all of us.
I was born and bred in Owerri, Imo state, and all through my life I had never planned of ever leaving such a “beautiful”, “lovely”, “safe” place to anywhere in the world for anything. But as I began to grow and experience environmental realities, my eyes began to open.
I began to see for myself how things work in this town. People do same small businesses for years without any plan or even any need for new inventions or expansion. We so love and cherish our comfort zones a whole lot,so we relax,while the rest of the developing economies in the country keeps growing stronger and better day by day.Compared to the other economies in Nigeria “Owerri, Imo State” is “lagging far behind”.
Is this as a result of “Ignorance”,”Lack of knowledge”,”Lack of finance”?
From my own point of view its basically due to “Lack Of Knowledge”.
We keep procrastinating,yet for years our businesses remain in a particular spot.
Do we blame it on government?…Do we blame it on ourselves?…That is a question for another day.
But one thing was certain…..”Definitely there was a problem with this town”…So I traveled to Lagos.
For 2 whole years in Lagos, I hustled;
* To acquire knowledge.
* To study trends.
* To build a career in a very lucrative industry.
* To gain experience.
In Lagos;
  • I saw an immense gap between the economic statuses of these 2 geographical areas.
  • I saw reasons millions of our youth are running to that other side for greener pastures.
  • I noticed and tried to study what they do differently that attracts foreign investors that are helping them build their economy.
  • And most importantly I saw life.
So with all these acquired knowledge and experience I decided to come back;
  • To open the eyes of the masses.
  • To help create awareness.
  • To help empower not only our youth, but all parents, children, etc.
  • To draw our youth to the attention of the importance of knowing their “Purpose” in life.
  • To help take away kids from the streets.
  • To seek solutions to educational and infrastructural disorderliness.
  • To seek solutions to imminent issues affecting society.
  • To showcase Imo state to the world.
  • And most importantly to contribute my own quota in the economic emancipation of our lovely state.
With this I will proudly say we are on a mission to create value and deliver the economy of our great state, Imo.

So help us,God…
This platform was created by a man with so much passion for the state and love for his people.
We came into the state and saw tears everywhere, the wailing of the masses and gnashing of teeth. I witnessed firsthand the cries and wailing of intense hardships from the normal Imo state citizen.We did our research and discovered what the problem was and with so much joy and confidence we are proud to say we have created a solution to it.
I see all the demolition taking place every day by the state government and the question I always ask is this;
“What now is the fate of these people?”
Most of these people either end up with health issues, financial troubles, relocation to the village, or even death.
Am not saying the decision of the government is a bad one, because I know before you bring developments to a place, great sacrifices MUST be made(Even as a human being to succeed or grow in life some things MUST change)….That is sacrifice.
To want to remain in a particular spot forever is “Stagnancy”.So my fellow Imolites I put it to you that we may be suffering now,but it’s all for the good of the future. This decision was mean but am certain it will definitely bring expansion and development to the state at large.
So let’s all endure, suffer now and enjoy later.
How We Come In
For everybody affected, we cannot give you all your shops back, but we can get you all your customers and even MORE calling you on your phone for your goods/services….And even when you get a bigger and better shop/office/space…We will still be there…
With this platform, that your business network, business transactions will still be there. You can even sell your market/business/services right from the comfort of your homes. All you need to do is very simple
Thank You And Keep Winning…
Ike Nwachukwu (CITLS,mACSC)
Sureways Inland Logistics Nig Ltd RC1469597 Proudly owners of
“The Largest Online Market Place In The Eastern Heartland”
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