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  • How does work?

    Step 1: REGISTRATION You need to register with in order to post an Ad. At the top of the website you will find the “Register” button, then you click on it, then it will take you to a page where you will be required to “Sign up for an account” ,click on it and enter all your basic details and contact information, then you click on “Register”. Register to get an account Now!!! Step 2: Activate your account An account verification link would be sent to your registered email, after which you will have to activate your account by clicking on the link. Step 3: Login Into Your Account. You will be required to log into your account with all your account details, after which it takes you to the dashboard, then you can now create your Ads and listings. Step 4: Click On “Post An Ad” You will be directed to a page where you be required to provide all necessary information that best describes the Item/Product/Goods/Service/Job you wish to sell or showcase, including images, then click on Submit to submit the Ad(s). N/B: While creating your Ads endeavor to: Post an attractive title and include the name of the item. Avoid characters like %, #,! , @, Etc. and CAPITAL LETTERS. Be very descriptive and concise with the item you’re selling. Remember: a great description attracts more buyers to your Ad. Upload clear and actual pictures of the product (Pictures from the internet are prohibited). Remember great pictures get 5 times more views. Type a clear and reasonably affordable price. Avoid punctuation marks when inputting the figures. When you add commas, the price might come up incorrectly.

  • How do I register with

    To register with is very simple, on the top right side of the webpage you will find an action button requesting you to “Register” Or “Sign Up”,then you click and fill up all your personal details, there is also an option to register with your Facebook Or Google account if you have.

  • How do I post/upload my Ad/Item?

    Posting an item with very easy, click on "How to post and Ad" page in the home page and read up.

  • How do I get my item(s) SOLD faster?

    This service offers Sellers/Business owners’ opportunity to showcase their products with us and “The Team” helps them sell it faster, we sell these products first before the rest, for just a little commission. Benefits * Get thousands of viewing customers to see your Ads/Businesses/Services on our platform. * Get Our team to do the customer bidding for you, offering you best sales for just a little commission from as low as 5 to 10% of sales. * Get your own items sold 1st before the rest.

  • Why didn’t my Ad go live?

    The Ad you posted is prohibited on the site, Please check for Prohibited Items on The Ad you posted has not been verified, would request further information from you in order to successfully verify your Ad. The uploaded image or the description you gave for the item you put for sale needs to be edited. Please Contact Us for further clarifications, all information requested would be solely used for the verification process.

  • How do I join the AhiaOwerri Community on WhatsApp?

    Please click on "WhatsApp Community" menu on the the homepage for details on how to join our community on WhatsApp.

  • Why are some of the images I posted in my Ad not showing in the website.

    Any image(s) that falls in the under-listed category below will be removed from all posted Ads: Please endeavor to post images that are directly relevant to the Ad(s) you intend to share. Because our Terms Of Use will not permit otherwise. Images like; Nude Images. Images of firearms, drugs, narcotics, etc. Images of children. Watermarked Images from other Ad sites. Images with third party website address / URL.

  • Why was my Ad text edited?

    The quality of Ads posted on our platform matter a lot to us. As a result, we are focused on ensuring that Ads posted have really good all-round quality in terms of image, title and description. A badly, punctuated ad, with wrong spelling can really work against an Ad and sometimes, even change its meaning. We are here to help! We have edited the Ad and corrected the typographical errors on your behalf.

  • Why was the item/product/Ad I posted deleted?

    Please make sure the price for your item is reflective of its current market. Your Ad must have been deleted due to unnecessary inflation or reduction of price. Endeavor to input correct value for items, and state the prices clearly. If the price of your product is twelve thousand naira, then enter the price below: Eg “12000” NOT “12K” OR “12,000” OR “12T” OR “12,000.00”

  • Why was my Ad removed/deleted

    If you suddenly discover that your Ad was deleted that means you have defaulted in some sort. For example if we discovered you posted a singular item or same content via multiple email/accounts we will delete your Ad. This is not allowed under our “Terms Of Use”. You will have to delete one account so we can re-activate your choice account.

  • How to share your Ads on our Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin?

    Log in to your account, go to My Ads, click on the particular Ad you wish to share, then scroll down until you see Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin icons, click on a particular icon of the social media platform you wish to share the link to.

  • How to bid on a particular Ad you see on platform?

    At the tail end of every Ad you will see a section that is meant for visiting customers to drop their bids with their contacts. The seller will then have to contact the bidder of his choice and sell to him/her.

  • How to report fraudulent /illegal activities you notice on

    If you see or notice any suspicious activity on platform, please, report the problem by sending us a simple mail stating the illegal activities that you noticed to . We will highly appreciate the effort, and readily send a feedback regarding your reports. Examples of fraudulent/illegal activities includes scammers, drug related activities, money doublers, quick money, etc.

  • How to unsubscribe from our email notifications

    To unsubscribe from our regular email notifications, contact us by sending us an email. Type “Deactivate email subscription” with your email address to and we will deactivate you immediately.

  • Will I get more spam e-mails If I post an Ad in

    Never, because your email address is not visible on the website.

  • How to find job on website?

    Click on the jobs categories in our webpage, then you choose your choice job from the entire available job Ads listed on the page. Send your CVs to the advertisers email or contact the job advertiser listed on that page.

  • How long will my Ad remain on the website?

    In Ads are automatically deactivated from the website after 90days (3 months) if the are not updated or renewed. You may receive an email a week before the deactivation day. You have the ability to renew them, edit,mark as sold or completely delete the Ad(s) you posted in your account.

  • I sold my item. How do I delete my Ad?

    Once your product is sold or no longer available, log into your account,on your Ads Table select the Ad(s) that is no longer available, and then click on “Delete” button. The item(s) selected will be deleted.

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