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Posting Ads
1. FAQs
2. How to post an ad?
Please click HERE to see how to post an Ad.
3. What is a Top/Featured Ad?
In,we have provided sellers and advertisers an opportunity to sell faster and get their Ads seen first,visited most,and gain attention of more interested buyers,and  by creating an opportunity for them to position/place their items/products/business/services on the “Front Page” of our website.Getting this service is what we refer to getting a Top/Featured Ad.
Top/Featured Ads  are strategically placed at the top/featured Ads section in the front page of our website,for a specific period of time,according to advertisers’ request.
  • Just like the first shop downstairs in a plaza it gets the highest visitors,and much more patronage.
  • It gets more than 15 times more views compared to a Free Ad.
  • Each time our webpage is refreshed the system re-arranges/rotates all the top ads  to guarantee equal visibility for all top ads.Normally it is not the case for free ads,  which drops down the listing page as more ads get posted.
  • Purchasing this service is the fastest way of getting your item/product(s) sold without hassle.
  • You can get a Top Ad for 1day (Receive 7x more calls), 7 days (Receive 20x more calls),30 days (Receive 100x more calls).
Get A “Top Ad” Now
You can indicate to upgrade your Ad to “Top Ad” after uploading your Ad Details.
4. How to pay to upgrade your Ad(s) to the “Top/Featured Ads/Sell 4 Me” and other “premium packages”?
In case you wish to pay in order to upgrade your “Free Ad” to “Top/Featured Ads/Sell 4 Me”.
  • Go to “My Ads” in your user account.
  • Select the particular Ad you wish to upgrade.
  • Click on “Edit” on the right corner of the Ad you wish to upgrade.
  • You may wish to edit your Ad or you can leave it the way it is.
  • Then click on the instruction message above.“Get your Ad featured – visit our Packages.” 
  • From all the “Premium Packages” Or “Services” available,select the plan that bests suits your needs.
  • Make payments via any of those payment options available and wait for confirmation from Team.
  • Then click Finish.
  • Relax as we upgrade your Ad to the “Premium Package” Or “Service” that you paid for.
Check Here For All Ways To Make Payment.
As soon as payment has been made (subject to passing our posting rules, your Ad will go live all the way to the Top!
5. How long will my Ads be seen on website
All Free Ads displayed on website will last for 90 days(3 Months),after which it may be deleted. A notification would be sent to the advertiser before it is deleted.
The advertiser/ seller also have an option of deleting the Ad after the item/service has been sold/ executed.
If your item was not successfully sold after 90 days; you will have the full privilege to re-post the Ad with more detailed information, regarding the item/service, better image(s) and an affordable price.
6. Privacy
Will users be able to view my personal information? users are only allowed to see:
  • Your Contact Name.
  • Your Phone Number.-(Very important to enable the customer contact you}
  • Your Location. (Very important)
Other personal information like sex, e-mail address, WILL NOT be shared online.
 7. Why do I need to provide my street address?
The particular street and area of the seller/advertiser is required to make it easier for buyers to locate the items/products the intend to purchase.
Just the street and area which it is located in the city is required. The exact house number is not compulsory(for security reasons).
Companies/businesses/service providers posting their Ads on our website, are required to input the exact house number/street name, and city in which their services are located to make it easier for customers to locate them.
 8. How can I contact the sellers?
Browsing on website,you will see different kinds of items, products, services, jobs, etc. Select the particular item/product you would want to buy by clicking on the image of the item, then all the details of the seller will come up.
Then you can reach out to the seller/advertiser by calling them or sending a direct message to the phone number you see under the seller/advertisers name.
The seller/advertiser will then receive your message or phone call and you two can discuss further on how to meet and go about in the transaction process.
 9. After posting my Ad, What Happens Next?
After posting your Ad, the team screens the application and uploads it to go life.
Check for reasons below incase any one these events occurs;
     I. Why didn’t my job/service Ad go live?
  • If your job/service Ad did not go live or has been rejected it means that your job Ad may have violated our posting rules or is still undergoing screening. After some minutes you will get an email notifying you of the reason your ad was rejected.
  • While your job/service Ad is undergoing screening, you will be required to send us your full company name, office address, company phone number and company official website to
  • Currently we are undergoing a total screening/confirmation process for our job Ads to avoid scam jobs, and to ensure a secure and safe platform, please bear with us and exercise a little patience as we carefully verify your Job Ad details and get back to you.
  • If you have any further questions, please Contact Us. We promise to reply you as soon as possible.
  • The Ad you posted is prohibited on the site, Please Check Here for Prohibited Items on
      II. Why didn’t my Ad go live?
  • The Ad you posted has not been verified, would request further information from you in order to successfully verify your Ad.
  • The uploaded image or the description you gave for the item you put for sale needs to be edited.
  • The Ad you posted has been categorized under “Prohibited Items”
  • The Ad you posted has violated our “Posting Rules”
  • Please Contact Us for further clarifications, all information requested would be solely used for the verification process.
10. Payment Guide
We advice that users of this platform should always meet the seller in person. Cash transfers should be done after you have confirmed that the item/product in question is exactly what was described in the Ad!.
“Never pay or transfer money to any sellers account in advance, without thoroughly inspecting the item. If the seller insists that you must pay before he will send the item to you ,report this seller immediately and look for other sellers”.
In any situation you are not able to meet the seller directly,Contact Us ,we will handle everything for you,and deliver to your door step.
In any case you don’t trust the seller/buyer’s location,you can invite the seller/buyer to company office or any of our Branches/Hubs across the state,for a safer and smoother business transaction.

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