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Posting Rules

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While posting an Ad on the following rules below must be strictly adhered to:
  • All Ads must have contact names, valid email addresses and phone numbers.
  • All Ads must be uploaded with image(s).
  • All Ads must be clearly and briefly described for viewers to understand.
  • All Ads must not contain offensive images or words.
  • All products and services must be located within Nigeria.
  • All items/ products considered to be illegal are prohibited. See list of  Prohibited Items.
  • All Ads must not contain watermarked images.
  • All Ads must not include web links to third party websites.
  • All products/ items must be posted separately except for shops, stores, mini marts and other items that come in sets like shoes, bags, jewelry, dining set, furniture, e.t.c
  • All duplicate adverts will be deleted.
  • Ads seeking for relationship, friendship, marriage, children, money, help, etc is highly prohibited.
  • Ads containing images that showcase firearms, nudity, images that promote violence, child abuse, prostitution or other social vices are highly prohibited.
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