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This basically explains items/products/services that is not allowed on website.
  1. Drugs, Indian hemp, tobacco and other narcotic products.
  2. No singular individual is allowed to advertise a pharmaceutical product or any form of drugs/medication. (Only Registered and licensed pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies are allowed to advertise their pharmaceutical products/services on
  3. All forms of multi-level marketing/ pyramid schemes.
  4. Affiliate Programs / rewards or commissions and / or business partnerships.
  5. Any form of advertisement/services that offers exchange of money, forex, dollar exchange Etc.
  6. No form of firearms and ammunition will be tolerated on our website.
  7. Wild pets or animals considered to be endangered species under and local laws will NOT be approved. Only Home Pets Are Allowed!!!
  8. Human organs
  9. Uploading images of other peoples items, or images downloaded from the internet will not be allowed.
  10. Illegal/Pirated copies of Books, Movies, Audio CDs.
  11. Free to air decoders.
  12. Personal images, Selfies and other images that has nothing to do with the current item/product/service your trying to advertise.
  13. Unverified alcoholic beverages.(All alcoholic drinks will be properly screened for authenticity before uploading it on our website).
  14. Palm wine and any other form of opened drinks.
  15. Counterfeit products and replicas.
  16. Fireworks.
  17. Adult content or services.
  18. Black magic, juju, native doctors, Ads that portray satanism etc.
  19. Ads from minors
  20. Locally manufactured products that claim to cure diseases.
  21. E-Books, vouchers/credit cards and all forms of digital goods.
  22. Adverts seeking for donations or help.
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